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Adventures in Vitamining – Part 2

As promised, below I am listing the vitamins and supplements I purchased to fill in the gaps in my daily multivitamin and protein supplements.  My goal is to replicate what Dr. Atkins considered vital, except for a few supplements he suggested specifically for conditions I don’t have or supplements that have been recently proven not to work.

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon associate, meaning I would get a nominal amount from Amazon.com if you purchased the item I link to; however, I have no affiliation to Walmart.com.  I did not buy these for myself via Amazon.com or Walmart.com so I could make money.  I picked these by determining the best price while retaining quality, and took a chance on a few brands I’ve never heard of due to some great reviews across the web.

Supplement Brand My Dose Purchased
Acetyl L-Carnitine plus Alpha Lipoic Acid Spring Valley 2 capsules twice daily with food Walmart.com
Choline Country Life 1 tablet daily with food Amazon.com
Evening Primrose Oil (GLA) Spring Valley 1 softgel twice daily with food Walmart.com
Flax (ALA, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid) Bob’s Red Mill 3T ground in daily shake Amazon.com
Inositol NOW Foods 1 capsule daily Amazon.com
Omega-3 (EPA, DHA) Coromega 1 squeeze pack daily Amazon.com
Pantothenic Acid NOW Foods 1 capsule daily with food Amazon.com
Vitamin B-6 Spring Valley 1 tablet daily with food Walmart.com
Vitamin C NOW Foods 1/2 teaspoon mixed in water Amazon.com

Adventures in Vitamining

I’ve officially learned more about vitamins and supplements the past week then I ever wanted to know.  What started as a quest to replicate Atkins-suggested supplements became me sifting through medical trials, white papers, and other craziness to figure out what I really need.  I think I now have enough info to write a book!

I’ve made two tables that shows Dr. Atkins Dieter’s Formula Basic #3 and Essential Oils Formula versus what I already take, and what I need to fill in the deficits.  I’ve just bought everything I need based on my research.  I’m going to review the supplements on this site once I’ve started taking them.  I can certainly provide more information on this if needed; feel free to email me anytime at Phoebe@FullPhoebes.com.