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Best iPhone Cooking App

A few weeks ago, someone on Twitter asked everyone what their favorite iPhone apps are. I replied immediately with my answer: Cook’s Illustrated. I’ve been an iPhone junkie for three years or so, and it’s the only paid app I own. There’s a free version that has some sample recipes, so download it and try out a few recipes before you buy a subscription.

This is not a low carb app, but it’s certainly low carb friendly as there are plenty of amazing meat recipes. The slow-roasted beef is the absolute best roast beef I’ve ever had in my life. Generally, every recipe is the “best recipe,” as they test exhaustively until they find the perfect recipe.

The app also has the extensive product reviews that Cook’s Illustrated Magazine prides itself on. Which is the best Greek yogurt? What’s the best brand of frozen peas? I find these really helpful when I find a coupon for a brand I don’t usually buy. I pop on the app, look up the product, and see if the brand is worth buying.

Do you have a favorite cooking app?

Ugly Caprese Salad

I’m not sure I should call this a recipe, because I think you should make it to taste.  I call this my Ugly Caprese Salad because I was too hungry to make it pretty for the picture.  This was actually the best caprese salad I ever had!

You’ll need:

  • Good, ripe tomatoes
  • Good fresh mozzarella
  • Fresh basil (not optional)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil (optional)
  1. Slice tomatoes however you’d like them.  I like them in 1/4 inch thick rounds.
  2. Sprinkle tomatoes with a little salt.
  3. Slice mozzarella about the same thickness you sliced your tomatoes.
  4. Chiffonade (roll the leaves up like cigars and slice thinly) basil.
  5. Arrange all three on the plate however you’d like.  Traditionally the tomato and mozzarella slices are stacked, i.e. tomato, mozzarella, tomato, and so on.
  6. Sprinkle on balsamic vinegar.  If your bottle is anything like mine, be careful–I basically dumped a bunch of vinegar onto my salad because it came out of the bottle too quickly.  Luckily, I really like balsamic!
  7. Sprinkle on a little olive oil if you’d like.  I did not, but after I inhaled my salad I thought that a bit of olive oil would take it over the top.

This can be made as a one-woman salad or a family meal, but it should be served immediately.  If you want to test out the salt, basil, balsamic, olive oil ratio before making a big one of these as a meal or side dish, make yourself a little plate of it first and adjust as needed.  Enjoy!


Coconut Milk Even Lower Carb Shake

This is a lower carb version of my Coconut Milk Low Carb Shake.  This makes a thinner, less sweet shake, so feel free to put less coconut milk in if you want to keep it thick and add some sweetener if that doesn’t cause you to stall.  Make sure to adjust the carb count accordingly.

4 net carbs

3T ground flax
1/2 cup unsweetened refrigerated coconut milk
1/2 cup Egg Beaters
1 scoop zero carb protein powder
4 ice cubes

  1. Blend.
  2. Drink it.


Best Turkey Burgers

Makes four big, juicy, zero carb burgers.  The cooking times below may vary due to your stove, your choice of pan, and how thick you make your burgers.  Pay attention to the browning but try not to touch your burgers too much.  Also, don’t push down on the burgers while cooking.  You want all those juices to stay in the burgers!

1.3 pounds 85/15 ground turkey (don’t skimp on the fat!)
1/4 teaspoon or so salt
1/4 teaspoon or so ground black pepper
1.5 teaspoons Dijon mustard
A little hot sauce to taste (optional)

1 tablespoon vegetable oil or canola oil

  1. Dump all ingredients except vegetable oil into a big bowl.
  2. Use hands to blend everything together, but don’t mix more than 10 seconds or so–the meat will get tougher the longer you mix.
  3. Divide meat into 4 portions.
  4. Gently form into balls.
  5. Push down on each ball to form 1-inch-thick patties.
  6. Preheat a pan large enough to hold all four patties on medium heat. If you don’t have a big enough pan, cook in two batches.
  7. Add vegetable oil to pan to coat the bottom.
  8. Add patties to pan.
  9. Cook for around 6 minutes, until bottom is browned and crusty.
  10. Flip burgers.
  11. Cook around 5 minutes until bottom is light brown but not yet crusty.
  12. Reduce heat to low.
  13. Cover, but leave a quarter-inch gap to allow steam to escape.
  14. Cook 6 to 7 minutes longer until center looks cooked and the temperature has reached a food-safe 160° (check by sticking a thermometer into the side of the burger to the center).
  15. Eat!

Note: I don’t use turkey meat because it’s “lighter,” I’m just plain not a big fan of beef.  Also, a big thanks to Cook’s Illustrated for the burger-cooking technique.  I found the recipe and cooking times weren’t spot-on, but the overall technique is amazing!

Mushroom Soup

Makes four normal people sized servings, or two Full Phoebes sized servings

Two 8 oz containers of sliced button mushrooms
Five scallions (mostly the white and whitish green part), sliced into quarter-inch circles
One stick of butter
One 32 ounce container chicken broth (should be low sodium or say less salt-otherwise soup will taste like licking bullion cube)
One sprig parsley
Soy sauce (optional)
Apple cider vinegar (optional)

  1. Throw stick of butter into pot on medium heat
  2. Throw scallions in when butter is melted
  3. Stir to coat in butter
  4. Throw a little salt on them
  5. Dump mushrooms in pot
  6. Stir to coat with butter and get onions off bottom so they don’t burn
  7. Let sit for about 8 minutes, stirring whenever
  8. Add chicken broth and parsley and turn up heat to boiling
  9. Once boiling, lower to low simmer. Should be a little lower than medium heat.
  10. Let simmer for an hour then lower or turn off heat
  11. Pull out parsley if possible (my sprig broke and was digging out tiny leaves of parsley)
  12. Blend soup, either very carefully in batches in blender or haphazardly with an immersion blender that barely got the chunks out like I did–I was hungry
  13. Bring to a boil again
  14. Add pepper to taste
  15. Add a little soy sauce to taste
  16. Add more salt if needed
  17. Turn off heat and stir in a little cider vinegar to taste
  18. Eat it.