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Best iPhone Cooking App

A few weeks ago, someone on Twitter asked everyone what their favorite iPhone apps are. I replied immediately with my answer: Cook’s Illustrated. I’ve been an iPhone junkie for three years or so, and it’s the only paid app I own. There’s a free version that has some sample recipes, so download it and try out a few recipes before you buy a subscription.

This is not a low carb app, but it’s certainly low carb friendly as there are plenty of amazing meat recipes. The slow-roasted beef is the absolute best roast beef I’ve ever had in my life. Generally, every recipe is the “best recipe,” as they test exhaustively until they find the perfect recipe.

The app also has the extensive product reviews that Cook’s Illustrated Magazine prides itself on. Which is the best Greek yogurt? What’s the best brand of frozen peas? I find these really helpful when I find a coupon for a brand I don’t usually buy. I pop on the app, look up the product, and see if the brand is worth buying.

Do you have a favorite cooking app?

My Favorite iPhone App for Atkins

Over the past few years, I’ve become addicted to my iPhone.  I’m sure a few of you can relate.  I use it for everything: finding recipes, getting directions, paying bills, and sometimes I even use it to call someone!  I’ve scoured countless “best app” articles on the interwebs and tested all the free low carb and Atkins-related iPhone apps.  None of them did exactly what I wanted, so I was resigned to using two different apps to meet my needs.  I finally decided I was sick of bouncing between two apps, and I was going to need to bite the bullet and actually pay for an app!

I purchased Edibles in October 2010 and have used it exclusively ever since. It’s perfect.  Edibles may used with any type of diet, but you can specifically tweak the settings for use on a low carb diet.  I easily configured the app with my maximum number of carbs for the day, and immediately dove into logging my food.  It’s as easy as typing in “turkey,” for example, and if you haven’t already logged turkey in the past, you can search Edibles Online for the carb count.  If you disagree with the carb count, or can’t find what you’re looking for, just enter the number of carbs per serving and the number of servings you had.  Done!

It stores everything, back to the date you buy the app.  This makes it especially helpful if you realized you’ve gained or stalled in your weight loss.  You can go back and look at exactly what you’ve eaten every day.  This can help you pinpoint if you need to cut back on your carbs or if a certain food is stalling you.

It shows the number of carbs you have left for the day as a badge on top of the app icon, so you don’t have to launch the app to check.  It also has a weight log and chart, “Words of Encouragement” (motivational quotes) upon opening the app, a net carb calculator, and online syncing so you never lose your data.  What more could you want?

Note: This is purely my opinion.  I’m not getting paid to review the app or provide the above link to the app on iTunes; I just wanted to pass it along since I had such a hard time finding exactly what I needed!  I hope you find this helpful.