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Coconut Milk Low Carb Shake

These are very similar to my Low Carb Shake Base, minus the dairy.

7.25 net carbs

3T ground flax
1/3 cup canned, full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup Egg Beaters
1 scoop zero carb protein powder
4 ice cubes

  1. Blend.
  2. Drink it.

Weigh In

Happy Weigh-In Day! After week one of Atkins Induction, I lost 4.2 pounds! The immediate weight loss is a definite reinforcement for me.

I’m a pro at losing weight. I’ve done it successfully on Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slim-Fast, and many more. I’ve even gotten to my goal weight before. I start having issues on all standard, high-carbohydrate diets, where the number of calories required for me to stay skinny averages about 1200-1400 per day of mostly processed carbohydrates. For most people, this is not good enough. It’s hard to feel satisfied on a high carb, low cal diet. Thank goodness there’s a better way!

On the Atkins “diet,” I never have to stay hungry. If I’m hungry, I eat. It’s that simple. That, for me, is the most important aspect of any lifelong eating plan. There is no way I am resigning to being hungry the rest of my life. I am too old, too busy, and have too many other things I’d like to do in life to be hungry every day.

Where I’ve failed in the past was not having a good enough reason to get to my goal or maintain my weight loss. By good enough reason, obviously health, fitness, happiness, and pride are not motivating enough for me. The last time I lost weight was to win money (and I did, $500!) Then I spent that money on eating my way through a Disney vacation and never felt the need to start low carbing again until I realized I had crept up to the exact weight I was immediately prior to giving birth to a 9 pound, 4 ounce gorgo–211 pounds.

Enter FullPhoebes.com. As I publish my weight loss journey for the world to see (or at least my besties), I’m motivating myself in a new way: accountability!

Mushroom Soup

Makes four normal people sized servings, or two Full Phoebes sized servings

Two 8 oz containers of sliced button mushrooms
Five scallions (mostly the white and whitish green part), sliced into quarter-inch circles
One stick of butter
One 32 ounce container chicken broth (should be low sodium or say less salt-otherwise soup will taste like licking bullion cube)
One sprig parsley
Soy sauce (optional)
Apple cider vinegar (optional)

  1. Throw stick of butter into pot on medium heat
  2. Throw scallions in when butter is melted
  3. Stir to coat in butter
  4. Throw a little salt on them
  5. Dump mushrooms in pot
  6. Stir to coat with butter and get onions off bottom so they don’t burn
  7. Let sit for about 8 minutes, stirring whenever
  8. Add chicken broth and parsley and turn up heat to boiling
  9. Once boiling, lower to low simmer. Should be a little lower than medium heat.
  10. Let simmer for an hour then lower or turn off heat
  11. Pull out parsley if possible (my sprig broke and was digging out tiny leaves of parsley)
  12. Blend soup, either very carefully in batches in blender or haphazardly with an immersion blender that barely got the chunks out like I did–I was hungry
  13. Bring to a boil again
  14. Add pepper to taste
  15. Add a little soy sauce to taste
  16. Add more salt if needed
  17. Turn off heat and stir in a little cider vinegar to taste
  18. Eat it.