Peapod Man!

Peapod delivery finally started in my area last week! I ordered $250 (!) in groceries and scheduled my delivery. Then the tip-worrying began. How much do you tip a Peapod driver? Do you base it on how difficult the delivery seems? How many bags? The dollar amount of your bill?

Google wasn’t helpful. It seems anything from a couple dollars to 15% is customary, with some a$$holes who don’t tip anything no matter what. In the end I gave the driver $7, and immediately felt bad about it when I realized it was snowing quite a bit.

On the plus side, Peapod is just as amazing as I always knew it would be. The prices were almost all the same as my local Giant, though a few things on special at Giant weren’t on sale on Peapod so I planned to go to Giant later in the week to buy the sale items. I didn’t. I am now spoiled by Peapod and I will probably not go to Giant for anything under $10 or so in savings.

That said, someone please tell me what I’m supposed to tip my Peapod guy! Peapod Man is now one of my favorite people, a superhero who prevents me from having to do my least favorite, most aggravating activity in the universe, so I need to treat him well.

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