Prego Giant

Yesterday was 20 weeks pregnant with the twins. That’s more than halfway, since they won’t let me go more than 38 weeks. Last week the dads came for an ultrasound, and we found out that both babies are boys! The dads are pretty excited, though I also think the reality of having two babies at once is setting in for them.

I look as if I’m 7 months pregnant, maybe more. I actually have gained EXACTLY enough weight for the twins. It’s a lot, but I’m shocked I haven’t gained more. I am still focusing on eating mostly healthy, organic, grassfed, real food. In fact, I bought two tiny grassfed sirloin steaks for myself to cook in the next day or two. Does anyone have any cooking ideas? I’ve never made sirloin before. I’ll probably just salt, oil, and sear it, then top with a bit of pepper and butter at the end.

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